Club Professional

The Alderley Edge Professional’s Shop is run by Head PGA Professional Charles Le Sueur and his assistant Edward Parker. The shop is stocked with a wide range of golf equipment, clothing and accessories from top brands including Taylormade, Titleist, Footjoy, Cleveland, Srixon, Glenmuir, Sunderland and many more.
Charles has joined Foremost; Europe’s largest golf buying group with over 1000 members; this helps Charles to stay very competitive on price.
On top of this, Charles offers an in-depth custom fitting service on all clubs from a putter right through to a driver. Charles offers this service at his state-of-the-art indoor teaching studio – The Cheshire Golf Studio.

Charles also offers a comprehensive club repair service including re-grips, re-shafts, club lengthening, shortening and loft/lie alteration. Charles guarantees to have your clubs re-gripped within 24 hours!
For a quote on a product or club repair, please call 01625 586200 (option 2) or email

Both Charles and Eddie are available to give lessons to golfers of all ages and abilities. They both offer various types of lessons:
The Cheshire Golf Studio

The Cheshire Golf Studio is a state-of-the-art indoor teaching facility located about 10 minutes away from the golf club. The studio offers:

  • First class PGA Professional golf coaching
  • Flightscope Golf Simulator that gives you in-depth information about your clubface angle, swing path, swing plane, angle of approach and much more vital data.
  • State-of-the-art golf swing video analysis – lessons can be watched and reviewed at a later date on the internet or your iPhone
  • If you do not require golf lessons, you can hire the studio out for practice sessions for as little as £7!
  • Custom club fitting
  • Golf fitness training that will give you more distance and consistency
  • Mental skills training programmes that will help you to fulfil your potential

For more information about the studio, please click here to visit the website or call 01625 586200 (Option 2) to book a lesson.

Course Lessons
On-course golf lessons are a great way to help you lower your scores without necessarily changing your swing! On-course lessons can help you improve the following areas of your game:
Course Strategy – Club selection, where to aim to give you the best chance of hitting the fairway/green, risky or conservative strategy?

Sloping Lies – On the driving range all shots are played from a flat lie, what do you have to do to adapt your swing to a sloping lie on the course?
Playing from Bad Lies – How do you alter your technique when playing from the rough, from divots, from hardpan etc.
Competition Planning/Preparation – What should you be looking for on the course when playing a practice round?

Short Game Technique - As we all know, the short game is a massive area of the game! By making a couple of small changes to your technique on chipping, pitching, bunkers and putting, we can help you to turn bogeys into pars!

Bunker Play – How do you vary your bunker technique when playing from a good lie, a plugged lie or a sloping lie in a bunker?

Shot selection around the greens – When should you play a chip and run? When should you play a lob shot?

Reading Greens – A good putting stroke is a great asset to have, but it is not very useful if you cannot read greens!

Mental Skills – Applying psychological skills on the course – pre-shot routine, post shot routine, self-talk, imagery etc.

Junior Coaching:
Alderley Edge Golf Club has a very strong junior section; we offer junior group lessons for all ages and abilities.

For more information, please call 01625 586200 (Option 2) or email

Lesson Rates

Charles le Sueur, Head Professional

  Member Non Member
30 Minute Lesson £20 £22.50
1 hour lesson £35 £40
1 hour playing lesson £20 £25
Junior 30 minute lesson £15 £15
Junior 1 hour lesson £25 £25

Edward Parker, PGA Assistant Professional

  Member Non Member
30 Minute Lesson £17.50 £20
1 hour lesson £30 £35
1 hour playing lesson £17.50 £20
Junior 30 minute lesson £14 £14
Junior 1 hour lesson £22 £22