Membership Card FAQs

1. How do I “top up” my card? You can top up the card in the Clubhouse using either cash or credit/debit card (via the PDQ machine). The process is simple and any member of staff will be pleased to assist you.

2. What can I use the Membership Card to pay for? Currently the Card has two “purses” which you can top up seperately. The first purse is “Bar & Catering” which allows you to purchase any beverages or food from behind the bar (except for the coffee machine in the Spike Bar). Your pre-payment money (paid with the annual subscription) goes into this purse. The second purse is “Golf & Social” which allows you to buy tickets for Club events or to pay entry costs for Club golf competitions. To use this facility you will need to top up this purse with an appropriate amount: ask a member of staff to top up your “golf & social” purse at the till. We intend to launch a third purse, in the coming months, which will allow you to use your Membership Card in the Pro Shop.

3. Do I get a discount if I use the Membership Card? Yes. The Membership Card gives you a 20% discount on food and beverage sold in the Clubhouse. Non-members, and those paying in cash, will pay the full amount. We also use higher “Tier 3” prices for outside functions although if you are attending these functions you can still use your card and receive the full discount. We have also written to local businesses to see if they are interested in offering discounts to AEGC members. Currently, on production of the Card, you will receive a 25% discount on the á la carte menu at the Loch Fyne restaurant on Brook Lane, and a 10% discount on the total bill at Eastern Revive, the new curry restaurant in Wilmslow. We are sure other businesses will join this scheme in due course – an up to date list will be published in the Member’s Section of the AEGC Website.

4. When do I “top up” the Membership Card? You are required, as an AEGC member, to top up your card at least once a year via the annual subscription renewal process. Members made a prepayment last September and, as the subscription year has moved to April, you will be required to make a prepayment again in March (and every subsequent membership renewal every March). By doing so you make a vital contribution towards the success of the club’s bar and catering operations and help significantly to keep down membership subscription levels. One £50 annual prepayment on your card equates to less that one drink a week during the playing season. Members who do not use their prepayment in the coming year will be able to order and purchase wine from the Club Bar, at very favourable rates, in time for Christmas 2009.

5. How do I know my current balance? You will receive a receipt with any purchase you make in the Clubhouse which will show your current balance. Any member of staff will be pleased to print off your balance, without purchase, on production of your Membership Card.

6. Can I open a “tab”? Yes. The system copes easily with multiple table and individual tabs. Simply ask a member of staff to swipe your card and open a tab and you will be given an itemized bill when you decide to leave. Members will find the table tab system particularly convenient on social nights at the Club, as the system allows the bill to be split between parties: simply ask for all those who wish to share the tab to have their cards swiped at the start of the evening. Again, a member of staff will be pleased to explain how the tab system works in more detail.

7. Can I give a tip ? Yes, the bar staff will just add this to your card transaction. Standard tip is 50p